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Other projects

This page resumes other projects, among zsnap (zfs snapshot handling script), a collection of useful windows and linux scripts.




Znsap script handles ZFS on linux snapshot functionnality, creates and handles a defined number of snapshots in Samba VFS friendly format (Windows previous versions support). It will send an alert mail if any snapshot related functionnality creates an error.


You can download the latest stable version of znsap directly on authors website or grab the latest working copy on git.

$ git:// $ chmod +x

Additionnaly, you may copy to /usr/local/bin

$ cp /usr/local/bin

Once you have a copy of Zsnap, edit the configuration file to match your needs and you're ready to run.


$ /path/to/your.conf status $ /path/to/your.conf create

You may run multiple instances of zsnap by creating mutliple configuration files, one per dataset. You can easily add zsnap as cron task which will take snapshots at a given time. Use parameter --silent to prevent writing to stdout for crontasks.

$ ./ /path/to/your.conf create --silent

The number of kept snapshots is handled by zsnap, but you may also control it's behaviour manually by using the following commands:

$ ./ /path/to/dataset.conf destroyoldest $ ./ /another/path/other_dataset.conf destroyall

You may increase output level of zsnap script by adding parameter --verbose to see what is actually going on

$ ./ /my/conf/files/my.conf create --verbose

Zsnap will mount every snapshot in Samba's VFS object shadow_copy friendly format. Keep in mind that samba's VFS object only works if you share the root of your ZFS dataset or subdataset.


Collection of small yet useful Windows Scripts


Active Directory logon script that checks group membership and optionally logs connections compatible Win2000/XP/2K3/Vista/7/8/8.1+


Backups Microsoft SQL Server 2005/2008/2012 and MySQL / MariaDB databases, supports compression and backup rotation. Sends alert emails on backup failure.


Searches a designated path for full filenames exceeding 255 characters (or any other value), and mails a report if some exceeding filenames are met.


Restarts a Windows service including custom commands, logs and sends alert emails.

Other small scripts

RemoveTemporaryAttribute.ps1 - Recursively removes temporary bit from files in a folder in order to force DFS Replication to process those files.

ImportADUsers.cmd - Reads CSV files and imports them as Active Directory Users

w32time_reconfig.cmd - Reconfigues Windows time service (targeted for Win2K8+ servers)

ExecuteOnWeekDays.cmd - Executes commands depending on the day of week

PasswordNeverExpires.cmd - Sets a user password to never expire

DeleteOldFiles.cmd - Deletes files elder than X days (Vista/7/8/8.1+, ressource kit needed for XP/2K3)