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Smartmontools For Windows is an alternate package for smartmontools by Bruce Allen and Christian Franke, and has been created to quickly install smartmontools as service, support mail or local alerts, and preconfigure smart monitor options. Installation can be run silently with command line parameters for massive deployments, or graphically for standard users.

Configuration files are automatically generated (but you can still enjoy manual editing of course). A service called "SmartD" is created and launched at system startups. This service will enumerate hard disks smartmontools can monitor and send an email and/or show a local message in case of errors. A file called smart.log is created on error, including all smart information, and sent by mail. A error action log is created under erroraction.log.

Optionally, an initial smart.log file is kept on the disk, in the case you want to keep initial smart infos for warranty issues.

This software and the software it installs are under GPL licence. No responsibility will be taken for any problems or malfunctions that may occur while using this software.

Anyway,feel free to send a mail to ozy [at] for limited support on my free time.

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